What Are the Top Troop Combinations for Clash of Clans Builder Base Attacks?

Clash of Clans Builder Base, the immensely popular mobile game, has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. One of the game’s most exciting aspects is the Builder Base, where players can engage in fierce battles and show off their strategic prowess. To excel in Builder Base attacks, assembling the right troop combinations to tip the scales in your favor is essential. This article will explore the top troop combinations that can lead you to victory in Clash of Clans Builder Base battles.

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Understanding Clash of Clans Builder Base Troops

Before we delve into the top troop combinations, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the troops available in the Builder Base. These troops have unique abilities and attributes that can significantly impact your attack strategies.

Key Factors for Troop Combination

Creating a successful troop combination involves considering several factors. These include troop strengths, weaknesses, and how they complement each other. The synergy between troops is crucial for a victorious attack.

Top Troop Combinations

Mass Night Witch Swarm

Night Witches and their summoned Bats can be formidable when deployed masse. They target defences and can overwhelm the opponent’s defences quickly.

Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts Combo

Boxer Giants have high hit points and can soak up damage, while Cannon Carts provide long-range support. This combination is excellent for pushing through enemy defences.

Baby Dragons and Beta Minions

Baby Dragons are versatile air troops that can clear a path, while Beta Minions deal damage from a safe distance. Together, they can take down bases with ease.

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Drop Ship and Minions

Drop Ships drop air troops, and combined with Minions, they can create havoc in the opponent’s base. This combination offers both air and ground support.

Effective Strategies for Builder Base Attacks

Scouting the Base

Before launching an attack, take the time to scout the opponent’s base thoroughly. Identify weaknesses and potential entry points.

Deploying Troops Strategically

Deploy your troops strategically. Ensure they target the most critical structures and work together to eliminate defences efficiently.

Timing is Everything

Timing your troop deployment is crucial. Wait for the right moment to unleash your forces, catching your opponent off guard.

Adapting to the Opponent

Be adaptable. If your initial troop combination isn’t working, switch strategies mid-battle.

The Importance of Troop Levels and Upgrades

Upgrading your troops and their corresponding buildings is essential for long-term success. Higher-level troops can withstand more damage and significantly damage enemy bases.

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In Clash of Clans Builder Base attacks, victory hinges on choosing the right troop combinations, understanding your troops’ strengths and weaknesses, and executing your strategy flawlessly. Experiment with different combinations, adapt to your opponent’s defences and strive to improve your troop levels for sustained success.


Q1: How do I unlock new troops in the Builder Base? 

Upgrade your Builder Base and unlock higher-level Barracks and Army Camps to unlock new troops. New troops become available as you progress.

Q2: Are there any specific troop combinations for Trophy Pushing in Builder Base? 

Yes, certain varieties are better suited for Trophy Pushing. Strategies may vary, but Night Witches and Baby Dragons are often popular.

Q3: What’s the best way to level up my troops quickly? 

Participate in Clan Games, complete daily challenges, and engage in multiplayer battles to earn resources and upgrade your forces faster.

Q4: How do I defend against these top troop combinations as a Clash of Clans Builder Base defender? 

Ensure a well-balanced base design with overlapping defences. Upgrade your defences regularly to withstand various attacks.

Q5: Can I use Elixir and Gold troops in Builder Base attacks? 

No, in Builder Base, you can only use one resource type (Elixir or Gold) for your troop composition in each episode. Choose your troop type wisely based on your strategy.

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